Trauma – informed Care

Centre of Excellence for Trauma-informed Care

Hagar is a global leader in supporting those who have experienced trauma to heal, develop their resilience, and lead full, productive lives. We call this trauma-informed care.

Hagar’s expertise in trauma-informed care has been developed over 25 years of working with women and children who have experienced profound trauma as a result of slavery, human trafficking and abuse. With the input and commitment of other global leaders in trauma-informed care, we have established the very first Centre of Excellence for Trauma-informed Care. The Centre of Excellence for Trauma-informed Care is a collaborative space for academics, fieldwork practitioners, development specialists, and advocates to come together to further research and implement what we believe is the most effective means of recovery for trauma survivors across the globe.

Many organisations are affected by trauma in complex ways. When trauma is not addressed it can lead to high levels of staff turnover, illness, conflict, and reduced staff effectiveness. Prioritising how your organisation promotes staff wellness is crucial to offsetting the long-term consequences of exposure to stress and trauma.

We offer training in trauma-informed care for organisations and their staff, as well as resources that enable those delivering trauma-informed care to practice self-care so that they can serve survivors better.

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