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Supporter Care Series

We are currently facing unprecedented times as we continue to combat the impact of COVID-19 pandemic across the globe. During such times it is completely understandable that some of us are experiencing a certain level of fear, stress and anxiety as we come to terms with the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

While we have a responsibility to look after the survivors of slavery, human trafficking and abuse that we walk with each day, we couldn’t do what we do without you. Therefore, as a valued supporter, we wanted to share some resources that we hope you will find useful in coping with the weeks that lie ahead.

Hagar counsellors in Cambodia and Vietnam have made a series of short videos, introducing a range of different techniques and activities that you and your family can do to help you stay mentally and emotionally well at this time. The techniques and activities covered are tools that our counsellors use in their everyday conversations with the survivors of slavery, human trafficking and abuse overseas. Our hope is that by sharing them with you now, they will be of some help to you in this season as well.

Part 1


Dr. Andrew Catford, CEO of Hagar International provides an introduction to this special series.

Part 2

Safety Plan

Sreyna shares an insightful activity that can help to identify and manage difficult emotions.

Part 3

Wellness Plan

Hagar staff outline a 3 step plan, addressing 4 different aspects of wellbeing.

Part 4

Community Meeting

Here is a simple way to check in with others and become aware of how they are feeling at the moment.

Part 5

Conflict Resolution

This is a tool that you can use to help deal with conflict in healthy and constructive ways.

Part 6

Muscle Relaxation

Longdy shares some techniques which can help to relax your muscles and relieve stress.

Part 7 Breathing Technique

Hanh demonstrates deep breathing techniques to help slow down the build-up of stress and anxiety and give you time to refocus.

Other Resources

The Victorian Government have also outlined a number of helpful mental health resources which are available nationwide.

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