Shahid is a twelve-year-old boy from a small province in Afghanistan. 

Shahid’s father is addicted to drugs and has abandoned his family. Shahid’s mother takes care of the family with the support of her eldest son who serves as a police officer. Shahid and the younger siblings do not go to school. Instead, they bring in income for the family by selling small items on the street.

Shahid often faced physical abuse at home. His mother, who was emotionally disturbed because of her husband’s addictions, often beat Shahid when he did not bring in enough money from the sale of items on the street. One day, Shahid ran away from home and reached the big city of Kabul. He was on the streets begging for money when the police took him in and referred him to a Boys shelter run by another NGO in Kabul.

A few months later, this NGO located his family and reintegrated him back home. On returning home, he was beaten badly by his brother who was furious with Shahid for running away from home. This led Shahid to run away for the second time.

Sadly, this time in the city, he befriended a man who molested him and took pornographic videos of him. He later threatened to post these videos on social media causing more fear and distress for Shahid. Thankfully, the police located Shahid on the streets again. This time the governmental social services referred Shahid to the Hagar Boys Shelter.

It is now three months that Shahid has been living at the Hagar Shelter. This has been a place of refuge for him as he recovers from the trauma and abuse he faced on the streets of Kabul. These last months have been a time of restoration through the medical, psychosocial, educational and recreational services at the Shelter. Hagar is also in contact with the NGO where Shahid resided and with the Social Services to make the best and safest plan for Shahid for the future.

Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for each of its clients. To protect the identity of our clients, names have been changed and images do not necessarily represent the individual profiled.

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