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If someone is in danger/ being hurt right now, please call the police in your country immediately.

Hagar Australia takes someone doing the wrong thing very seriously. If you aren’t sure, please report any concern or alleged incident that relates to Hagar Australia.

After you report something, Hagar Australia will phone or email you (if you have provided these details). You don’t have to include your name but this helps us when we contact you. If someone has been harmed, we will put their needs and interests at the centre of everything we do from that time on, including finding out how we can help and what they want to happen. To find out more, please read Hagar Australia’s Code of Conduct and Incident Reporting Procedure.

Handling Reports

We will look into your report quickly, carefully and privately, only talking to people who need to know. This might include the Executive Director and/ or Board Chair. We will be open and fair, in the way we do things, to everyone involved, and we will keep detailed notes. Where we can, we won’t use your name/ the name of the person who has been harmed. Hagar Australia will take any early action that is needed.

If we can contact you, we will phone or email you regularly with updates but, at a minimum, we will contact you when we start looking into your report, part-way through and when we have finished looking into it. There may be times when we can’t tell you what has happened as a result of your report, especially if it involves disciplinary action.

To find out more about how we investigate reports, please read Hagar Australia’s Investigation Procedure.

After Looking into a Report

Hagar Australia might do these things, depending on how serious the incident is:

  • dismissing, suspending or transferring a Hagar Australia person;
  • ending a contract, relationship or visit to a project;
  • if someone has committed a crime, Hagar Australia will report it to the police in Australia or overseas.

Feedback & Complaints

We welcome feedback or complaints about Hagar Australia, its work and/ or people. If you would like to tell us something about any of these areas, please select ‘Feedback/ Complaints’ from the list below.

Language Considerations

Google Chrome can help you translate our webpages. Please report in the language you are most comfortable using. Google Translate can help if you wish to make a report in English.


  • Feedback/ Complaints: This form is for anyone outside of Hagar Australia to tell us what they like, don’t like and/ or how we could improve. This might be about our organisation, partners, work or anything else. This form can also be used to report an incident that doesn’t fall into any of the categories below.
  • Child Safeguarding: This form is to report something you are worried about or have heard about a child/ children (under 18 years old) being harmed by someone at or related to Hagar Australia, or at its projects.
  • Sexual Exploitation, Abuse & Harassment: This form is to report something you are worried about or have heard about an adult (over 18 years old) being harmed sexually at or related to Hagar Australia, or at its projects.
  • Fraud & Corruption (including Conflict of Interest & Terrorism Financing): This form is to report something you are worried about or have heard about a person doing the wrong thing and benefiting at or related to Hagar Australia, or at its projects.
  • Whistleblowing: This form is for anyone who has or has had close dealings with Hagar Australia (for example Hagar Australia personnel, suppliers, partners or their families) to report serious wrongdoing. This could involve stealing, drugs, threatening or abusing someone (including the person making this report), criminally damaging property, bribery, or anything else that breaks the law/ regulations in relation to Hagar Australia and its work.

To make a report

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