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This form is for the following people only to report a Disclosable Matter relating to Hagar Australia-

Current and former Hagar Australia:

• Officers
• Employees
• Suppliers of goods or services (whether paid or unpaid)
• Associates, and/ or
• A relative, dependent or spouse of one of the individuals listed above.

The people above (‘Whistleblowers’) might be protected by Australian law (the Corporations Act 2001), including having who they are protected, being protected from someone harming them, getting financial or other support, and being protected from some liability. These protections don’t mean that the person won’t get into trouble if they’ve done something wrong. To get protection, the person must have a reason(s) to believe that what they’re going to tell shows that someone else has done the wrong thing. The person doesn’t need to prove what they’re saying and is still protected if what they say turns out to be wrong. If the person wrongly accuses someone on purpose, this will be treated in the same way as someone not following Hagar Australia’s Whistleblowing Policy or Code of Conduct (please see ‘After Looking into a Report’ here).

For more information (including other people you can report to), please read Hagar Australia’s Whistleblowing Policy, including Code of Conduct.

If you are doing work for Hagar Australia and are having issues (including fighting with someone and/ or not agreeing with work decisions), please write to admin@hagar.org.au and ask for Hagar Australia’s Human Resources Policy.

If you aren’t associated with Hagar Australia but would like to tell us about someone associated with Hagar Australia doing the wrong thing, please choose from the closest category here or ‘Feedback/ Complaints.’

You don’t have to include your name on the form below but this helps us when we contact you. Your report will go to Hagar Australia’s Board Secretary. If your report is about this person, please contact Hagar Australia’s Executive Director on +61 3 9416 1960 or use the ‘Feedback/ Complaints’ form.

Please note: If you don’t want people to know who you are for this report, you might want to use a false name and/ or set up an email address that doesn’t have your name in it. We may not be able to look into your report if we don’t have your contact details. You don’t ever have to answer questions that tell us who you are. After you’ve submitted this form, please don’t tell anyone that you’ve made a report to us and what you said, unless you have to by law.

  • Please give full name(s), organisation(s), position(s) and/ or contact details, where you can.
  • Date and time (approximately)
  • Please give village, commune, district and province, where you can.
  • Please give full name(s), organisation(s), position(s) and/ or contact details, where you can.

Disclosable matters involve information that the Whistleblower has reasonable grounds to suspect concerns misconduct, an improper state of affairs or circumstances, or breach of the law, in relation to Hagar Australia. Examples of disclosable matters include:

• theft, dealing in, or use of illicit drugs, violence or threatened violence, and criminal damage against property;

• fraud, money laundering or misappropriation of funds;
• offering or accepting a bribe;
• financial irregularities;
• failure to comply with, or breach of, legal or regulatory requirements; and
• engaging in or threatening to engage in detrimental conduct against a person who has made a disclosure or is believed or suspected to have made, or be planning to make, a disclosure.

‘Misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances’ may not involve unlawful conduct in relation to Hagar Australia but may indicate a systemic issue that the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) should know about to properly perform its functions. It may also relate to organisational behaviour and practices that may cause harm to stakeholders, such as donors, partners, the people whom Hagar Australia works to support and/ or the public.

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