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Thank you for making this important report.

If you have included contact details, you will hear from Hagar Australia in one business day.

Disclosable matters involve information that the Whistleblower has reasonable grounds to suspect concerns misconduct, an improper state of affairs or circumstances, or breach of the law, in relation to Hagar Australia. Examples of disclosable matters include:• theft, dealing in, or use of illicit drugs, violence or threatened violence, and criminal damage against property;

• fraud, money laundering or misappropriation of funds;
• offering or accepting a bribe;
• financial irregularities;
• failure to comply with, or breach of, legal or regulatory requirements; and
• engaging in or threatening to engage in detrimental conduct against a person who has made a disclosure or is believed or suspected to have made, or be planning to make, a disclosure.

‘Misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances’ may not involve unlawful conduct in relation to Hagar Australia but may indicate a systemic issue that the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) should know about to properly perform its functions. It may also relate to organisational behaviour and practices that may cause harm to stakeholders, such as donors, partners, the people whom Hagar Australia works to support and/ or the public.

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