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Feedback / Complaints

We would really like to hear your feedback or complaints about Hagar Australia, its work and people. Please know that:

• Your feedback will be taken seriously and we will act on it where we can, or
• We will look into your complaint as fairly and as privately as we can, and contact you or your chosen representative about it as soon as possible.

You don’t have to include your name on the form below but this helps us when we contact you. You may also choose to have another person (like a family member, friend, lawyer, community representative or someone from another organisation) give us feedback or make a complaint for you. Your feedback/ complaint will go to Hagar Australia’s Executive Director. If your feedback/ complaint is about this person, please contact Hagar Australia’s Board Secretary on +61 3 9416 1960 or use the ‘Whistleblowing’ form.

If your feedback/ complaint is about something very serious (like abuse or stealing), please choose from the drop-down list on the previous reporting page.

To find out more, please read Hagar Australia’s Feedback and Complaint Handling Policy and Code of Conduct.

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