It’s a heartbreaking injustice that demands our urgent attention.

50 Million people live in Modern Slavery
Help break the cycle of trauma caused by this heinous crime by partnering with Hagar this EOFY. Your donation provides life-changing work with survivors, empowering them to heal and rebuild their lives.
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Freedom Simply Isn’t Enough

Every person has the right to freedom

But what can true freedom possibly look like after a lifetime of human trafficking and abuse? Hagar understands this problem. That’s why we’re launching our End of Financial Year (EOFY) campaign to break the vicious cycle of trauma and provide survivors with real long-term healing and freedom.

With modern slavery devastating the lives of 50 million people worldwide, Hagar’s mission to end human trafficking and abuse is more critical than ever. 

Hagar adopts a personalised approach for every survivor, focused on their needs and aspirations so that every person can rebuild their lives and gain independence. We won’t stop until every survivor has the necessary tools and resources to achieve their goals. 

We rely on your support to continue making this difference. Through Hagar’s EOFY campaign, we are calling on you to partner with Hagar to make a real difference in the lives of survivors.

By donating to Hagar this EOFY, you will help us provide essential, tailored services such as safe accommodation, counselling, legal support, education, vocational training and community reintegration. This is your chance to make a profound and lasting impact on the lives of human trafficking survivors.

Through our EOFY campaign, we must raise $200,000 to continue providing essential services to survivors and break the cycle of trauma for good. Your support is essential to achieving this goal. Every donation makes a tangible difference in the lives of survivors. 

Together, we can help survivors move towards freedom and a life of purpose, dignity and hope. Join Hagar in our EOFY campaign and help break the cycle of trauma once and for all.

How We Work

The Whole Journey

At Hagar, we recognise that healing, recovery and reintegration after a lifetime of heinous abuse can be a painstaking and non-linear process. ‘The Whole Journey’ is Hagar’s unique approach to supporting survivors by providing them with ongoing and enduring support throughout their efforts to rebuild and reclaim their own lives. Our approach includes several key elements  that address the needs of individuals, communities and the wider system. By working at all levels, Hagar creates sustainable change and prevents abuse and exploitation for the long term.


Once an individual enters our care, we embark on a journey of healing and rebuilding. We start by assessing their needs and providing tailored, intensive services that help them regain trust and resilience. Our services include safe accommodation, counselling, legal support, education, vocational training and community integration.


Hagar conducts community education and awareness-raising activities to increase knowledge and understanding of human trafficking, slavery and abuse. By doing so, we empower vulnerable individuals and target communities to identify and respond to situations of exploitation.


Hagar works to build the capacity of all local service providers to respond effectively to trafficking, slavery and abuse. This includes providing training and resources to local organisations, government agencies and law enforcement to identify and respond to exploitation cases.


Hagar works with survivors to take action against their abusers. Many survivors need assistance navigating complex legal systems to obtain justice and protection. We also help survivors progress their education and gain valuable skills to secure employment and financial independence.


Hagar advocates for policy and legal reform to prevent human trafficking, slavery and the abuse of vulnerable populations. By advocating for systemic change, Hagar aims to create lasting solutions that address the root causes of exploitation and abuse.

Meet a Survivor

Minea’s Story

Minea’s life was shattered when she became an unfortunate victim of human trafficking. Her harrowing journey began in 2018 when a broker deceived her and her family with the promise of a better-paying job and marriage to a rich Chinese man. In reality, Minea was trafficked to China as a sex slave, where she was repeatedly subjected to horrific physical and sexual violence. She was kept prisoner and was starved to deter her attempts to escape or reclaim any independence. Despite attempts to break her hope, Minea refused to resign herself to a life of captivity. She escaped many times, only for her attempts to be proven useless once returned to her captor’s cruel hands, only to face more abuse.

Minea summoned all the strength within her and managed to escape for a final time. She was soon apprehended by the local authorities and was detained as an illegal immigrant for over four months. She was eventually released back to Cambodia in 2021 with nothing but the clothes on her back. Upon arrival, she was referred to Hagar for support services.

Minea was invited to stay at the “Home of Love” by Hagar. There, she built trust and established strong relationships with the other women and Hagar’s foster mother. After undergoing extensive medical checkups and comprehensive family assessment, she was reunited with her mother and sister. Through Hagar’s rehabilitation program, Minea has evolved from a deeply traumatised person to a now strong 22-year-old who is committed to forging a promising future for herself. Today, she is not only a survivor of human trafficking but a fierce advocate of justice on behalf of others who have experienced similarly tortuous ordeals. 

Minea’s story is a powerful reminder that we can make a difference in the lives of those who have suffered through unimaginable challenges. We can all play a part in helping to build a better world.

As we approach the EOFY, please financially support Hagar. Your contribution will directly provide critical support to individuals like Minea, who have experienced incredible hardships and need assistance. Together, we can create a brighter future for those who have endured so much. 

Give the Gift of Hope this EOFY

Every donation can make a difference this EOFY.

With the end of the financial year approaching, now is the perfect time to make a difference in the lives of survivors of human trafficking, slavery, and abuse. Every dollar you donate to Hagar will help change a life forever.

As the EOFY approaches, please donate to Hagar to help us transform lives. Your generosity can make a real difference to survivors of human trafficking and slavery. If you cannot donate now, please spread the word to your friends and family. Every effort makes a difference.

$30 supports survivors and their families to access emergency accommodation for a day.

$60 supports a survivor to receive medical care and vaccinations.

$150 supports a survivor to receive transport and emergency relief such as clothes and food when they are first brought to Hagar’s care.

$500 supports a survivor to receive intense, individual counselling for six months.

$3,300 supports a survivor to receive all of Hagar’s comprehensive and life-changing services for one year. 

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