Ways to Give

We believe no human being should be bought, sold, abused, or deprived of their freedom. The trauma can run deep for a survivor that has been trafficked, enslaved or abused. Therefore our focus is on walking the journey with these survivors to ensure they have the support and resources they need to truly heal and thrive.

At Hagar, we simply can’t do what we do without the incredible support of donors. Here are a few ways that you can help today.

Make a One Time Gift

Help a survivor of human trafficking, slavery and abuse to receive a dedicated case worker, medical aid, specialised counselling, legal support, clothing, food, safe housing, education, training and/or job placement.

Become an Empower Partner

Make a monthly to donation to help empower a survivor with the steady support they need to not only heal, but rebuild their lives. You can also gain a deeper insight into the ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspects of our work

Leave a Gift in Your Will
Make a lasting impact and leave a legacy of hope for a woman or child who has escaped trafficking, slavery and abuse.
Find out about more ways you can give to help a survivor or trafficking, slavery and abuse

Why give to Hagar?

Your donation is an investment in the lives of women and children who have escaped trafficking, slavery and extreme abuse. When you give, you empower survivors to build a new life and help reduce the risk of them being exploited again.

Every dollar counts and we are so grateful for your support.

All donations of $2 and over to Hagar Australia Overseas Aid Fund (ABN 20 159 198 535) are tax deductible in Australia.

To find out what impact your donation will have on the lives of the women and children we work with read our Annual Impact Report available here.

Why leave a gift in your Will

There are more people enslaved today than ever before – even more than at the peak of the transatlantic slave trade. We know we cannot eradicate trafficking, slavery and abuse today. However, each generation of bright-eyed children, who grow into strong young women and men, should live in a world where this horrific form of abuse is declining towards eradication.

Leaving a gift in your will creates a lasting legacy in which Hagar Australia can fulfill this vision. A gift left now says that we believe in a brighter future and that we can make an incredible difference. Help us banish slavery and trafficking to the history books.


How to leave a gift in your Will

Having a valid Will means that what you own goes directly to the people and causes you care about most. If you’ve already chosen to make a gift to Hagar Australia through your will, then on behalf of survivors of trafficking, slavery and abuse everywhere, we want to say a heartfelt thank you!

If you already have a Will with a solicitor, or would like to create a will with a solicitor, we have provided the most appropriate wording for you below to provide to your solicitor, in regards to how to make a gift to Hagar Australia.

Alternatively, we’ve partnered with Gathered Here, a completely free and easy online Will writing service. It takes less than 10 minutes to write your Will and gives you free unlimited lifetime revisions.

Write your free Will today with Gathered Here.

Wording for your Will

I give [the sum of $………..] or [………..% of the residue of my estate] to Hagar Australia Limited (ABN 20 159 198 535) for its general purposes, free of all duties and declare that the receipt of an executive officer at the time, shall be sufficient discharge of my executor’s duty.


We would love to hear from you

If you do choose to leave a gift in your Will, either through your solicitor or via Gathered Here, we would love to know so we can personally thank you for your generosity.

Please contact us.

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