A Safe Place To Call Home

Help a child to recover from the trauma of abuse


Will you help a child heal from the trauma of abuse, giving them access to a safe and secure home with a foster family, counselling and school supplies? 

Home. It’s that safe place where we can be ourselves among family who love us.

Growing up in a poor family in Cambodia, Kunthea’s mother went to find work in Thailand and her father, who has now sadly passed away, was unable to look after her, so she was placed in an orphanage.

Across Cambodia, a staggering 80% of children in orphanages and residential care institutions have at least one parent alive, just like Kunthea.

Yet, with so many children under their care, orphanages simply cannot provide the ideal environment for a child to thrive. Evidence shows they can also pose greater risks of harm to children.

Sadly, for Kunthea, the very place where she should have been safe – the orphanage – was where she was raped at just seven years old.  Kunthea could not remain in the orphanage and was soon referred to Hagar.

Hagar provided her with expert trauma counselling and placed her in the home of a carefully screened and trained foster family. Her big-hearted foster parents, Mon and Khim, have been fostering children recovering from trauma for the past eleven years, while also raising two children of their own.

“We want to provide warm care to children who don’t have real love in their lives. To increase the hope in their lives. We want to send them to school.”

They have loved watching their former foster children grow into happy and resilient adults.

“They all have very different jobs. Since they lived here, they’ve become very successful in life. We advise them about good ideas to help them to be prepared for life.”

Kunthea, too, is flourishing in her new home. She loves taking care of the animals and has also learnt how to clean, cook and plant vegetables, thanks to her foster mother. She loves her foster siblings: “my sisters always make me happy; we joke and tell stories.”

The change since she first arrived is remarkable. Kunthea says she previously lived in fear but now confidently tells us: “I am a brave person. I can talk to anyone. I can tell people what I need.”

Being in a safe and loving family has made a profound difference to her life. However, there are still more than 48,000 children living in orphanages and residential care institutions in Cambodia.

There is an urgent need for more children like Kunthea to experience the love and care of a family and be part of a local community. Will you partner with us to make this a reality for other children just like Kunthea?

Your generous donation today will help children like Kunthea gain access to a safe and secure foster home, individualised trauma counselling, school supplies and an opportunity to discover a brighter future:


$35 to buy a school uniform and supplies for a foster child starting school
$88 for a month of intensive, individual counselling to help overcome the trauma of abuse
$150 to support a child in a safe home with a foster family for one month
$500 to ensure a foster home has clean water, sanitation, is child-friendly and secure
$3,300 for a child in a foster family to access all of Hagar’s services for one year

Your contribution will help them heal and rebuild their life within the safety of a loving family.

Thank you for partnering with Hagar in this life- transforming work.

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