Emerging from the ravages of conflict and recent genocide, Cambodia is a country with rich cultural heritage and at the same time, deep inter-generational trauma. With an estimated 261,000 people living in modern slavery , Cambodia has the 9th highest prevalence of slavery in the world. Gender-based violence is high with 20% of men reported to have perpetrated rape and one in five women reported to have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime.

What type of work do we do in Cambodia?

Our Community Learning Centre provides a safe learning environment for children at risk or who have experienced trauma. With teachers trained in trauma-informed care and a social worker to support students and their families, the centre offers an accelerated learning program so children who have missed school can complete two grades in one calendar year.

Economic Empowerment Project provides work readiness training, job placements and on-the-job training, helping women to secure safe and meaningful employment. This helps restore their dignity, enables them to become economically independent and reduces the risk of further exploitation and abuse.

Our Legal and Protection Unit provides legal support to clients, including those who are involved in legal proceedings in Cambodia or abroad, ensuring they are well-supported to give evidence and help bring the perpetrators of their abuse to justice.

Our Transitional Living Project supports clients and their families to safely reintegrate back into community. This includes back with their families, where safe to do so, in foster-care and in semi-independent or independent living arrangements.

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