Financial independence brings a whole lot of dignity. It isn’t just about a pay cheque. Business – social or otherwise – is about dignity. It’s about individuals having the opportunity to take control of their futures, build their confidence, express themselves, and form meaningful relationships with a wider community. It is a place to support oneself and build social capital.

Many women and young people from Hagar’s programmes have no work experience and are still recovering from past trauma. To this end, Hagar Social Enterprise Group (HSEG) partners with and invests in local social businesses that provide meaningful training, employment and career progression opportunities for women in a safe and supportive work environments.

Social business investments are one of Hagar’s tools to facilitate clients’ journeys toward Economic Empowerment.

That is what it takes to restore broken lives to wholeness.

Learn more about Hagar’s social enterprise partners and investments:

Solar Stoves in Afghanistan

With the sun beaming down on Afghan soil more than 300 days a year, Starlight Afghan Free Energy, a social enterprise in Afghanistan, capitalises on solar technology opportunities.

Not only do Starlight’s solar-powered stoves provide a healthy and sustainable means to cook for Afghan households, they also open employment doors for vulnerable women in the country, including Hagar clients. Through Starlight, women gain the skills they need to live independently.

Hagar Catering & Facilities Management

Hagar Catering & Facilities Management (HCFM) is Hagar’s enterprise investment in Cambodia. Hagar launched the business as a small food-cart enterprise in the late 1990’s. With the support of a joint venture partner, HCFM is now the country’s leading industrial catering service, preparing over 50,000 meals per month and employing over 170 individuals.

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Joma Bakery Café, Laos, Vietnam

Joma Bakery Café is Hagar’s social enterprise partner investment in Vietnam. Joma’s cafes and bakery provide meaningful and dignified training and employment opportunities for women from Hagar’s programmes in Vietnam.

Before being employed at Joma, Hagar Vietnam clients complete six weeks of in-house intensive personal development and job training. Then, they attend vocational training for hospitality services and introductory hospitality courses at a partner organisation training school. These training courses allow marginalized women an opportunity to be gainfully employed at businesses such as Joma and begin internships with Joma Bakery Café.

For many clients, this is their first exposure to safe and dignified work.  Upon completing their internships, clients are offered a full-time position at Joma, where career progression and personal growth are an important part of the work environment. For many, this is their first exposure to safe and dignified work.