It is always sickening when a paedophile abuses a vulnerable child.

It is unbearable when that child is yours.

Nita was devastated when her nine-year-old son, Kai, was abused by the man she worked for.

While Nita was busy cleaning the house of a westerner in Phnom Penh, the man would invite Kai into his bedroom to play computer games. It was there he sexually abused Kai.

 “I never thought this would happen to my child – how could this ever happen to my boy? I worried a lot about his safety and his future life.” – Nita.

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“I was scared to have a court case because I couldn’t afford it, but I was lucky to have Hagar support me with the process and costs of laying a complaint – that’s why I decided to go ahead with the court process.” – Nita.

Using special resources that we have developed, Hagar staff explained the different roles of the people Kai would see in court and what would be expected of him.

“When I went to court, I was afraid of the man who hurt me and I felt angry at him.” – Kai

To help Kai feel less frightened, Hagar requested a screen to make sure that he would not have to see the perpetrator.

Kai’s abuser was convicted and sentenced to time in a Cambodian prison. He was ordered to pay Kai compensation.

Hagar has assisted the family in their wish to relocate safely to another province and Kai is now studying in Grade 3.

“I am feeling better now. My dream is to go to University and become a scientist in the future”Kai

So many other children need access to justice, healing from their trauma and the confidence of knowing that Hagar will stand with them and support them as they rebuild their life.

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Nita and Kai have made great progress on their journey, but many more survivors like them need your help.


 Names have been changed to protect our clients