Fatana was engaged at the age of 12 and married shortly after to a violent man who was a decade older than her. Instead of going to school, she laboured for long hours in the fields, then cooked and cleaned for her husband and his family of 20.

When Fatana’s first two babies were girls, her husband was furious.

“He beat me, shouting “why have you given me a daughter!” After that I bore two more daughters and faced more violence.”

When Fatana eventually gave birth to a son, her husband was happy for some days – but it didn’t last.

“Once my husband had money, he took a second wife. He brought her to my house and loved her as he had never loved me.”
At the request of the new wife, Fatana and her six hildren were thrown out of their home.
“My children and I cried in the street because there was no one to support us”  

But because of generous Hagar supporters like you – there WAS somewhere safe for Fatana to go.

At Hagar, Fatana and her children received trauma counselling and began their journey to healing. Fatana learned new skills and her children attended school.

Today, Fatana’s family live in their own small home. She has two jobs to support her kids and Hagar continues to provide practical, financial and emotional support too.

“Today we are safe. Today we are full. The day I brought home my first pay-check, I felt so proud.”

Fantana plays with her six children at Hagar in Kabul, Afghanistan.
Fatana (name changed) plays with her six children at Hagar in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Sadly, there are so many more women like Fatana who need Hagar’s help to find hope for a new future.

Your support helps women like Fatana turn their life around by providing:

  • medical care and legal support
  • a safe place to live
  • specialist trauma counselling
  • the opportunity to catch up on school
  • the chance to go to university or gain vocational skills, and
  • placement in a decent job.