“As a law student and Hagar volunteer, I recently visited Cambodia on Hagar’s Justice Tour. Given the corruption and difficulties in the court system, legal counsel and advocacy is key to ensure the most vulnerable people can be heard in court. Hagar’s Legal and Protection Unit represents not only an important link in their recovery but a crucial step in changing the culture of the courts to protect victims and prevent future abuse.”

– Kylie, Canberra ACT


“I visited the Hagar Catch-Up School in Cambodia to provide additional training to teachers. To see what they continue to achieve, first hand and against all odds, is quite simply amazing. Not only are they nurturing children from difficult and unimaginable backgrounds, they are delivering two years worth of quality education in one year, to help their students return to the national school system.”

– Pauline, Perth WA


“Hagar seems to have struck the right balance. At the front end it’s about rescue, safety and supportive care. But it’s also about longterm recovery, education, empowerment, sustainability and justice.”

 – Michael Strong, Melbourne VIC

Read an extended account of former judge, Michael Strong’s trip to Cambodia to look at Hagar’s work with survivors. His article, Inspiration Amid Harsh Reality was published in the Victorian Law Institute Journal in December 2013.