Will you help a woman heal from the trauma of trafficking, by giving them access to services they need to rebuild their lives? 

Support the programs offered by Hagar to women and children who have survived trafficking, slavery and severe abuse. Vital services like trauma counselling, medical care, education, skills training and employment.

$33 funds the Hagar Hotline for one month, a 24/7 phone service providing basic counselling, initial assessment and referral services.

$88 pays for one month of trauma counselling for a survivor of human trafficking.

$150 provide a complete medical examination and basic medicines to a woman who has escaped trafficking.

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You can help rebuild lives after the trauma of trafficking

For Hoa, a survivor of human trafficking these services have been life-saving in her journey towards wholeness.

Many living in poverty, their desire to escape poverty and make a better life for themselves and their family is often exploited by traffickers. They are offered promises of employment, education or money, none of which traffickers ever deliver on.

For Hoa*, it was the promise of vocational training and a better job to help support her family that led her to being trafficked to Malaysia.

Working in a brothel, serving 15-20 men daily, Hoa was abused, isolated and exhausted. After a time Hoa became contracted HIV and became extremely ill. No longer able to serve clients, Hoa was kicked out onto the streets.

Destitute, Hoa held little hope for her future until the actions of a stranger set her on a journey back home, and on a path to healing and wholeness. Read more of Hoa’s Story of Hope here.


Your actions today will show tremendous kindness to a survivor of trafficking, like Hoa, helping them start on a path to a better future.

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Your donation will help a woman heal from the trauma of trafficking and give her access to the services she needs to rebuild her life.

$275 covers the cost of any immediate medical and psychological needs of a survivor.

$400 gives a gift of a three day home visit by trained Hagar staff to provide trauma counselling, practical resources and help in accessing community services and programs.

$1,500 supports a woman through a whole year of skills training, helping a survivor earn a living and rebuild their future.

Help us continue our work in helping women and children move on from their past and build a better future.

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And if you are considering a gift of $5,000 your generosity will give a woman or child access to all of Hagar’s services for an entire year, helping them heal from the trauma of trafficking.

“No one asks me about my past. Teachers and friends are so friendly and understanding. I don’t feel like I am less than anyone else, thanks to them,” Hoa, survivor of sex trafficking.

 Want to talk to someone about the many services Hagar has to offer?  Call us on 03 9257 2369
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*Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for its clients; names have been changed and images do not necessarily reflect the individual profiled.