The Unimaginable Wager; Risking it all for Freedom

A story about refugees in Cambodia by Michael Hirsch, Hagar Cambodia Refugee Project Manager   This is impossible, but try: Imagine your country is wracked by civil war — bombings, killings, missing persons, interrogations, imprisonments, displacement… Fear so palpable that you feel it in your empty gut, you see it in faces of children...

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Samay’s Story

Samay was approached by a foreign paedophile on the riverbank in Phnom Penh. Over a period of two months, the man groomed Samay by buying him books, food and English lessons. Finally, when Samay was 15, the man sexually abused him and other boys. There was a court case and with...

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Looking Back and Looking Forward: Celebrating 2012 and Goals for 2013

One in three women and girls in Afghanistan experience emotional or sexual abuse. In Southeast Asia, it is conservatively estimated that 200,000 to 225,000 women and children are trafficked annually. The statistics are astounding and the abuse is very real. Which is why Hagar remains committed to the mission of restoring...

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Hagar Pioneers Foster Care in Cambodia


In a country like Cambodia, where many people are struggling to survive, taking an unrelated child into the household is a foreign concept. However, working through local networks, Hagar has recruited, trained and supported more than 30 foster families.

Through 19 years of experience working with children from traumatic...

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Ratha’s Journey to Freedom

The UN believes there are 35,000 Cambodian women currently in forced domestic service. In late 2012, Hagar began working with a group of 14 young Cambodian women who were trafficked to Malaysia. Nineteen-year-old Ratha was one of the women brought into Hagar’s care. Being the sole provider for her family,...

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