Srey Mom’s Story

“I bought a lot of pills on my way back to Cambodia. I planned to take them and end my life. I didn’t have anything—no parents, no money. Not even a small hope of change.” –Sreymom The first time Sreymom went to live and work in Malaysia, she had a...

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When We Couldn’t Say No Anymore


by Amie Gosselin

We couldn’t say no anymore.

It was 2009. Hagar had been caring for women and girls in Cambodia for 15 years, time and experience maturing our approach to long-term care for victims of abuse.

But then the phone calls started.

The police at the station said, “I know you care...

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Tuan and Ny’s Story

“I don’t know how old I was when I was sold. I just remember that I was small and that it happened many times. I want to blame my mother for what she did to me, but I don’t because she is my mother and we were too poor.” –Tuan Tuan,...

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Trafficked and Imprisoned No More

We were just supposed to be “visiting China”. That’s what she said. That’s what he said. But as soon as we crossed the border from Vietnam, I was given over to several men. They made me their “wife”—or housemaid. I was forced to live with them for a year. Finally, with...

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The Unimaginable Wager; Risking it all for Freedom

A story about refugees in Cambodia by Michael Hirsch, Hagar Cambodia Refugee Project Manager   This is impossible, but try: Imagine your country is wracked by civil war — bombings, killings, missing persons, interrogations, imprisonments, displacement… Fear so palpable that you feel it in your empty gut, you see it in faces of children...

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