A Whole New Future for Sarom

a whole new future for sarom

Sarom is in her mid-40s and has found new life and freedom at Hagar, despite her abusive marriage in the past.

Living in a rental apartment with her children near Hagar's women's shelter, Sarom works as a housekeeper and cleaner for Hagar.

With her monthly income, she is able to support her...

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The Vorns’ Journey

When we became foster parents to children from Hagar, we got what we've always wanted a big family. But a foster family's life is not so easy. We need to give each child, as unique as they are, the same love and affection that we give to our own three...

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My Real Value

Money is more important than me. We are a very poor family and we barely have enough food to eat. We work on other people's farm to survive. After work, my parents drink alcohol and beat us repeatedly. We never feel love from them. I do not know what 'school' is since...

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My life in Colour

About a year ago, I couldn't see my life in colour.  It was dull. Worthless. I was numb. It was hard for me to love my family. Impossible to love myself. When I started attending Hagar's programs in Vietnam, something changed. I learned that other women have stories too. I listened to...

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Aziza’s Story

I never got the chance to excel, to show my potential, to reach my dreams. In Afghanistan, it doesn't work that way. At least for girls it doesn't. Because I was abused, I was rejected by my family. Because I was exploited, they abandoned me. Because of what happened to me,...

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