Oun Srey’s New Life


Young girls should never experience abuse and pain.

But it happened to me when I was only six years old.

I remember that night like a vivid dream. I was asleep at my grandma's house when someone came in and gently carried me. I thought it was my father who came to...

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My Real Value

my real value

Money is more important than me.

We are a very poor family and we barely have enough food to eat. We work on other people's farm to survive. After work, my parents drink alcohol and beat us repeatedly. We never feel love from them.

I do not know what 'school' is since...

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Be Loved, Be Free

be loved, be free

Veata, a young 17 year old dreamed of a different future, to be able to provide for herself and her family.

That is why she signed on with a Malaysian employment agency for domestic workers. She flew to Malaysia to start her new life but her dreams were smashed when she...

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Becoming Human Again

becoming human again

My friends and family used to call me energetic.

Happy go-lucky.

But my first husband beat the life out of me. I was 13.

He could have been my grandfather. He sold me when he got tired of me. Like a cow. Or a camel. After raping me, the next man sold me...

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Chhivorn’s Courage

chhivorns courage

Chhivorn never got along with his mom and step dad-that's why he slept on the streets.

The foreigner found him there and invited him to stay with him and a few other boys. It had to be better than the streets, Chhivorn thought.

Over the next few months, Chhivorn suffered unimaginable abuse....

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