Women Benefit From Local Loans & Savings Group

Hagar Vietnam
Poverty and domestic violence often go hand-in-hand in many rural areas of Vietnam, but when staff at Hagar instigated an Economic Empowerment Program in Yen Bai province, even they were surprised by the transformational effect it had on the lives of the women involved.

  This is the story...

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Rebuilding A Life After Abuse By A Foreigner

My name is Sokha* and I was born in Phnom Penh. Our family didn’t have much but we were happy. My mother worked in the factory and my father was a driver. I was in school and doing okay. But one event changed my life forever.   This is Sokha’s Story I was abused...

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Finding Hope After Domestic Violence

Hau's Story of Hope
Late last year, Hagar Vietnam received an emergency call in the middle of the night. It was from Hau*, a 37 year old woman who had woken up to find her drunk husband turning their house upside down. Hau feared for her life, he was violent and unpredictable.   This is Hau’s Story When her husband passed...

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A Safe Place to Heal in Afghanistan

Zaher* ran away from a violent home at a young age and found himself living on the streets of Afghanistan. Tragically, Zaher’s abuse was perpetuated on the streets where it became habitual for members of street gangs to sexually abuse him. He was eight years old.     This is Zaher’s Story One of...

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Village Chief and His Wife Help Set a Young Life Free

Sophea was only four years old when her father sold her into slavery. She spent most of her young life doing hard labour, tending cows and being mistreated by the families she served.  

Sophea never had a chance to get an education and had to endure abuse and...

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