Zaher overcomes abuse in Afghanistan


One day, I will be back with my family again. I’ll be an engineer and serve my people.

- Zaher, 11 year old boy, at the Forgotten No More project in Kabul, Afghanistan.

  According to the US Trafficking in Persons report, boys are more at risk for forced labor, commercial sexual...

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A Village Chief’s brave decision changes a life.

Village Chief
We have the most wonderful story to share with you! Actually, it is an exciting update to the story of Sophea we shared with you a few weeks ago. You may remember that Sophea...

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Two Sisters Recovering Together

Two sisters

“I love staying at home. I feel safe here, there’s a good feeling of warmth and love.”

Long dark hair frames a smiling face. Rita is 13 years old. Sitting on the top floor of her family’s wooden stilt home in rural Cambodia, her 11 year old sister Nika sits shyly next...

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Tra Gains Strength to Return Home

Soon after she was married, Tra knew that her life would not be easy. Her husband was accused of damaging property and he was sent to jail for six months. Her mother-in-law did not consider Tra as a daughter-in-law but just as another source of income for the family. She expected Tra to make...

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Fast Facts: Human Trafficking

We stand with the 21 million men, women and children who have experienced extreme human rights abuses due to forced labour, domestic violence, exploitation and trafficking. We at Hagar believe that survivors have the right to high quality trauma-informed services, enabling each individual to regain their dignity and secure their...

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A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

In January 2016, Nhi’s husband sexually abused their two young children. After years of physical abuse towards the family, Nhi decided to run away with her son and daughter, seeking refuge at Hagar’s Recovery Centre. All three were experiencing high levels of trauma. Nhi was quick to anger, isolating herself when...

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Setara’s Story

  My story is full of suffering. When I was 13, my father arranged for me to be married to a member of the Taliban. I refused and appealed to the rest of my family for help, but they forced the marriage anyway. I had to escape, so I ran away...

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Creative Arts for Healing in Vietnam

Vietnam Art Therapy
Art therapy is used with Hagar clients as it has a number of benefits. It allows clients to communicate what is sometimes difficult to put into words and manage difficult emotions and circumstances. Art therapy can also help clients feel understood, gain skills, provide a sense of achievement and it allows...

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Giang’s Recovery with Hagar Vietnam

Giang used to be a beautiful girl. Tall, with long black hair and a stunning face. She was also very bright, and excelled at school. She loved school, her only dream was to study and go to university and she always came top of her class. For Giang, studying was...

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Chanty Begins A New Life


When she was 23 years old, Chanty was married against her will. “My parents and grandparents forced me to get married to a man I didn’t love. I protested again and again but they forced me. I feel sad that they didn’t undersand me. I had no choice but to...

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