Innovative Australian Company to Fund Education Program for Afghan Survivors

This month the innovative Australian global education provider, Navitas, has granted Hagar significant philanthropic funding for its Empower through Education program in Afghanistan. Hagar is a specialist agency that works with survivors of human rights abuse such as trafficking in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Established in 1994, it works towards...

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Hagar – Using Project Management to help restore broken lives

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The Critical Path Volume 5 Issue 3 | July 2014 By Charlotte Alrich There can be something about a change in environment that makes you view the world differently. Mine dawned with the opportunity to travel to one of the worlds poorest, most corrupt yet strikingly beautiful places in the world...

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Hagar Collaborates with UK Investigators to Ensure Child Protection

Child protection is one of Hagar’s top priorities. We try our best to ensure that throughout recovery, children are in an environment free from danger and threats.

In November 2013, Hagar Cambodia’s Legal and Protection team discovered that Ian Bower, a UK citizen and known child sex offender, was headed to...

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New Hagar Study Sheds Light on Male Child Trafficking in Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: An unprecedented study of 210 stakeholders in Afghanistan, including 130 boys, has found that on average one in 10 of the boys interviewed had experienced human trafficking. The study, Forgotten No More: Male Child Trafficking in Afghanistan, was conducted by Hagar field researchers and funded by the...

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The Weekend Australian Magazine | Feature Article: Slaves to Sex

Slaves to Sex

Associate Editor from The Australian, Cameron Stewart, travelled to Hagar Cambodia in October 2013 to investigate the issues of modern slavery.  He has written this feature article for the Weekend Australian Magazine highlighting the prevalence of slavery, Hagar's recovery programs and the Australian Government's commitment to the issue. Read More