Law Institute Journal: Inspiration Amid Harsh Reality

Law Institute Journal: Inspiration Amid Harsh Reality
Former judge Michael Strong and other Melbourne lawyers visited Cambodia in September to better understand the work of Hagar International in supporting victims of human trafficking and sexual violence.
A child raised in grinding poverty is sold into slavery or repeatedly raped – or both. The community is outraged. Police...

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774 ABC Melbourne: Sundays with Libbi Gorr

Sundays with Libbi Gorr

State Secrets: Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy's work at Hagar Australia is harrowing. Hear her explain to Libbi Gorr her work in our region and why she finds her work so rewarding.

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Calls for Australia to do more to stop slave labour

Radio Australia

ABC Radio interview with CEO Kate Kennedy

A parliamentary inquiry has been told the problem is a $32 billion industry and there's an estimated 21 million slaves worldwide.

Hagar wants all companies that provide services to the federal government to certify that their supply chains are slavery proof.

Presenter: Joanna McCarthy

Speaker: Kate Kennedy, CEO, Hagar

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Ride Against Slavery – Press Release


The inaugural Hagar Ride Against Slavery led by the First Bloke, Tim Mathieson, will take place this Sunday 14th April.

Read this official press release.

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From the CEO


I have been touched by so many things in the past few months – the kindest of people hosting lounge room events, motorbike riders uniting in a ride against slavery, the enthusiasm from young people at school talks and the mighty marathon runners raising money for Hagar across...

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The Age: First Bloke Revs Up for Charity

Tim Mathieson. Photo: Andrew Meares

TIM Mathieson, the Prime Minister's partner and a long-time motorcycle enthusiast, is about to climb into the saddle to raise $100,000 to fight child slavery in Cambodia.

He plans to ride in a pack of about 50 bikers from Kirribilli House, the Prime Minister's residence in Sydney, to The Lodge in...

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The Good Weekend in The Age & SMH

Kate and Rachel

The Two of Us: Hagar Australia CEO Kate Kennedy is profiled with Hagar Australia patron, academy award and Emmy winning actress Rachel Griffiths.

They have been life long friends who share a passion for Hagar’s work with

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Law Institute Journal Long Road to Justice

Law Institute Journal-Long Road to Justice

A group of Melbourne lawyers took an eye-opening tour to Cambodia where slavery is still rife.

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ABC Radio Interview with Patron and CEO

Radio Australia

Radio Australia with Richard Ewart

Rachel Griffiths backs NGO empowering victims of human trafficking.

It's mission is not just to rescue victims, but to empower them.

Eight out of ten women who have been helped by Hagar in Cambodia are now living independently in the community.

Recently the Oscar nominated Australian actor Rachel...

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Kate Kennedy, Hagar Australia CEO with Jon Faine


Who should be supporting the arts, science and charities?

In the USA, philanthropy underpins so many areas of important research and creative endeavour, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the donations of every day Americans.

Today Jon Faine hosted a special Conversation Hour forum to investigate whether philanthropy is working...

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