Hagar International Appoints New CEO

The Board of Hagar International Foundation is delighted to announce the appointment of Micaela Cronin as Chief Executive Officer, Hagar International. Micaela has worked in the community sector for more than 25 years and become a recognised leader at state and national level in Australia. She has been CEO of McKillop Family...

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Current Statistics on Human Trafficking and Slavery


Hagar works indiscriminately with people who have suffered severe human rights abuse. Across our programs, a number of our clients have survived abuse that is considered human trafficking or slavery, including sexual and labour exploitation.

To provide some context to global human trafficking, the following statistics have been extracted from reports...

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Moving Forward: Creating training for a child-friendly Justice System in Cambodia

In January 2015, in conjunction with UNICEF, Hagar launched ground-breaking research on the experiences of child victims in the Cambodian Criminal Justice System. In the research, the majority of child victims attested to different discriminatory acts from police and legal representatives, further re-traumatising them in their pursuit of justice. Recommendations from...

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New Hagar Research: Reintegration of Cambodian Trafficked Men


Hagar launches new research on Cambodian trafficked men.

  PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA (August 21, 2015) — Research exploring the trends in trafficking of Cambodian men, the needs of survivors and the extent of reintegration assistance available for trafficked men, conducted by Hagar, was unveiled today to Her Excellency Chou Bun Eng, members of...

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The scourge of modern-day slavery in Asia spelt out

By Sarah Lazarus  |  Published in The South China Morning Post, June 7, 2015.   In the first of a two-part series on slavery, Sarah Lazarus talks to modern-day abolitionists who will be speaking at the inaugural Trust Forum Asia in Hong Kong this month.   KATE KENNEDY is the chief executive of Hagar Australia,...

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People trafficking has become world’s second biggest illegal market after drugs

Short-The Age
By Michael Short | Published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, May 27, 2015. This is Longdy. If you look carefully at this photo of him as a child, you can see his legs are undersized and twisted – they had been rendered useless by polio. But his affliction increased...

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The slaves of Benjina: ghastliness on our doorstep, unseen

Gray - The Age
By Tony Wright  |  Published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, May 23, 2015 You may not have heard of Benjina. It's a little Indonesian island south of Papua and 650km north of Australia. That's about the same distance as between Melbourne and Canberra - just out of sight and a...

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Washington Post: Nearly 550 modern-day slaves were rescued from Indonesia’s fish trade. And that’s just the beginning.

By Abby Phillip  |  April 10, 2015
This photo released on April 8 by Indonesia’s Ministry of Fishery show hundreds of rescued foreign fishermen, who were gathered during an operation at Pusaka Benjina Resources. (Ugeng Nugroho/Ministry of Fishery/AFP)
  They came from all over: Thailand, Burma, Cambodia,...

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Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation Features Hagar Vietnam

Deutch Bank Asia Foundation Cover
Employment and career training are crucial to a survivors’ holistic recovery. In Vietnam, Hagar partners with institutions including the Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation to run the Economic Empowerment Program that provides capacity-building, training and career development for women who have survived extreme abuse and exploitation. (more…)

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Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls Visits Hagar


Aust aid helps abuse survivors to dream

7 FEB 2015  |  Source: SBS.com.au
  Their childhood was spent slaving for others, and being beaten starved and abused, but two Cambodian women have escaped the hell of human trafficking and can look to a brighter future. Chenda Sam, 23, sobs as she finds the words...

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