An Interview with Pacha Mama Wines

Pacha Mama Wines partnered with Hagar Australia in 2014 and generously support all of our events by donating their delicious wine. We recently interviewed owners, Nina and Callie about their involvement with Hagar and why they think it’s important to support a charity.

What attracted you to partnering with Hagar?

pacha mamaHagar was a natural choice for us. Pacha Mama translates to Earth Mother – the South American goddess of nature and motherhood.  As two young women ourselves (one with two gorgeous children) we were immediately drawn to Hagar – it’s an organisation run by strong, independent women helping other women and children in horrendous situations. An organisation that inspires hope where hope is lost and empowers others. It is a partnership where we feel as though we can really help to make a difference.

In what way do you support Hagar?

wineAs wine producers we donate our wines to Hagar for their charity events. You can see a few bottles of Pacha Mama on every table at Hagar functions. If a little lubrication helps a few extra dollars to be donated and the guests to have a wonderful time then we have done our job!

Why is it important for Pacha Mama to support a charity?

We were both incredibly lucky to have been born into supportive, safe and fortunate homes – that is not the case for so many people and it is important for us to give back and help in whatever way we can.


We are so grateful to Nina and Callie for their generous support of Hagar through our events in Australia. To read more about Pacha Mama Wines, visit their website.

To see our other generous corporate sponsors and supporters, visit the Our Australian Supporters page. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact our Partnership Manager Mel Connell on 03 92572367 to explore opportunities.