As you share Hagar’s work with others, your impact is multiplied many times over. Start by getting more informed yourself, then involve others in your passion to confront injustice.

Scroll down to see opportunities for individuals or schools to get involved in Hagar’s work.

For Individuals

Fundraise for Survivors of Trafficking and Abuse

Just as Hagar walks the recovery journey with survivors, you can enter a marathon or fun run and walk or run your own journey to the finish line to show your support and raise much needed funds.

Join our Freedom Fighters at one of these events in 2016!

Angkor Wat International Half Marathon (Cambodia), December , 2016
Start Fundraising  |  Register for the event for the more adventurous!

FUNDRAISING TIPSBy clicking ‘Start Fundraising’ for any of the events above, you will be prompted to create your own fundraising page for the event. You can then share this event with your friends, family and colleagues and invite them to sponsor you.

Don’t forget to thank them for their donations and keep them updated with your progress.

Download other fundraising tips here.

For other events across Australia in 2016 visit Everyday Hero.

Testimony from a Hagar runner:
“Running for Hagar in the Melbourne Half Marathon was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. After sharing my fundraising page, I was overwhelmed by the generosity and support I received from friends, family and colleagues. Though I am NOT a runner and the 21k seemed to last an eternity, it was this support and the thought of what the donations could do for survivors in Cambodia that got be over the finish line with a smile on my face. It was also a great way to share my passion for human rights and Hagar’s work with my friends. I would encourage anyone to take the challenge!”

– Taz, Hagar Freedom Fighter

Gifts in Celebration

Special occasions are a great time to make an impact, particularly when you already have everything you want or need. Consider asking guests to make a donation to Hagar in celebration of a wedding, birthday, anniversary or festive occasion.  Create a birthday fundraising page in lieu of presents and give the gift of hope!
Create you own page


Create your own fundraising event

Whether you realise it or not, every dollar you raise will have a powerful impact on the lives of women and children in our programs that have survived unimaginable human rights abuses.

Fundraising for Hagar Australia reminds people what really matters in life.

Connect those who matter to you to our cause, have fun and know that your efforts are all the more meaningful, as you help deliver meaningful change to those that need it the most.

Peer to peer fundraising is the best way to reach out to your network and get them involved in your fundraising for Hagar.

If running is not your thing, gather your friends and hold a BBQ, trivia night, car rally, soccer tournament or anything else you can dream up. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Follow the link to set up your peer to peer fundraising page for Hagar. You really can be a change maker! Create you own page

Loungeroom event: Just as William Wilberforce abolished slavery in the 1800s by talking lounge room to lounge room, you too can involve your community by inviting them to your home. Find discussion points and interesting facts on our resources page.

Book club: Start a book club or introduce Hagar to an existing club. Check our resources page for a list of recommended reading.

Involve Your School

Education transforms lives. As a student or teacher yourself, you can help break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Become an advocate. Engage your school. Support a child in school, and change a life.
Join schools around Australia and fundraise in the lead-up to World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June to raise awareness of the exploitation of children in our region.

Here are some steps for setting up a Hagar fundraiser at your school.

1. Introduce Hagar to the staff or students
Invite a guest speaker from Hagar, screen the Hagar promotional video or download the Hagar overview flyer.

2. Select the Fundraising Event
As a school, decide what fundraising event you would like to complete. Some examples of events may include;

  • Free dress days
  • Saussage sizzles or bake sales
  • A carnival day or community picnic
  • A fun run
  • A quiz night or talent show

Example: Free-dress day with meaning at a Melbourne Primary School
Students from Melbourne Grammar School, Grimwade House fundraised in 2014 to support Hagar’s Catch-up School in Cambodia. Students were encouraged to do chores around the house to ‘earn’ $13 that they donated on a free-dress day. Each donation went towards purchasing new school uniforms for Hagar’s students in Cambodia.

3. Inform the School Community
At the beginning of term, write about Hagar in the newsletter and let parents know that the school will hold a fundraising event with money raised going to Hagar. This will encourage discussion about Hagar and promote awareness of trafficking and severe abuse occurring in our region.

4. Incorporate Hagar into the School Curriculum
Plan age appropriate lessons about Cambodia, including the history of Cambodia, culture, food, traditions, as well as the living conditions of Cambodian people and the work of Hagar. This keeps Cambodia fresh in the minds of students and gives them a good idea about what they are raising money for.

5. Send your donations to Hagar
After the event, you can send your donations via cheque, electronic transfer or via PayPal. Visit our Donate page for more detail. Alternatively, you can easily create a fundraising page where students and parents can donate online and track the fundraising progress (great for longer events such as fun runs or overseas trips)

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more resources or fundraising ideas for your school. Please call us on 03 9257 2369 or email