Parent Teenager Trip to Cambodia

2-4 April 2017


A once in a lifetime opportunity for parents and teenagers to learn together, give back together and experience Cambodia together.


Generation (2)


Generation Next : Generation Now is an immersion experience targeted at teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 years and an accompanying parent.

Parent and child teams are asked to think creatively about how they can work together to raise funds for Hagar’s work during Term 1 of 2017.

They will then have the opportunity to travel to Cambodia in the first week of April, where they will learn about:

  • the history of Cambodia and how it has shaped many of the challenges that persist today;
  • the issues of human trafficking and slavery;
  • Hagar’s work with women and children who have survived trafficking, slavery or severe abuse.

During the three-day program, parent and child teams will have the opportunity to meet a survivor who has been supported and empowered to transform their life; a foster family who cares for children supported by Hagar; and key members of Hagar’s team of inspirational staff working in Cambodia.



Many of our supporters – both young people and parents – have told us how much they would love to visit a developing country and “give back” to those less fortunate than them.

We’ve heard from high school students, eager to explore new cultures and make an impact with their lives. We’ve also heard from parents who are eager to see their children develop values of social justice and philanthropy from a young age.

At the same time, through our work Asia, we have seen the sometimes devastating impacts of irresponsible “voluntourism”, so we wanted to offer an alternative – an experience focused on listening and learning, before doing.

Finally, we love the idea of parents and teenagers making time to strategise and fundraise together and we can’t wait to see what creative ideas emerge from this cross-generational collaboration!



Sign up as soon as possible so you can start fundraising through Term 1, then join us in Cambodia to see the impact of Hagar’s work, from 2 – 4 April 2017. The program will run for a full three days so you will need to arrive in Phnom Penh no later than 1 April.



Participants are asked to arrange their own flights to Phnom Penh. A range of return flights are available for around $900 per person.

Participants are also asked to cover the cost of their accommodation in Phnom Penh, at a hotel booked by Hagar. Rooms are around $100 a night.

A fee of $300 per person will cover meals and in-country transport during the three-day program. Beverages other than water will need to be purchased separately by participants.



That’s up to you and we are excited to hear your innovative ideas! All funds raised will support women and children who have experienced trafficking, slavery and abuse.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create your own fundraising page through , share it by email and on social media, ask your family and friends to sponsor you, and share your adventures with them.
  • Host an event, such as a trivia or movie night, invite your family and friends, and have fun raising money together.
  • Hold a sale: de-clutter and hold a garage sale, or get busy making or baking to hold an art, craft or cake stall.

Hagar can help you by providing money collection boxes, written information and stories about our work and maybe even a speaker, if you live in Melbourne.



Do I/my child need to be 15 – 17 years old to participate?

The nature of Hagar’s work and the history of Cambodia can be confronting. We will be talking about the Khmer Rouge years, visiting the Killing Fields, and learning about Hagar’s work with women and children who have been severely abused, including sexually.

The content of this tour will be tailored to 15-17 year olds and will be age appropriate for them. Ultimately, whether a child outside this age range has the maturity and resilience to understand and process this content is a judgment for their parent(s) and we are very happy to discuss this with you.


How much do we need to fundraise?

We would love you to raise at least $1000 per team but are grateful for whatever you can raise. We want you to have fun, spending time together, planning and bringing your ideas to life. Who knows maybe you’ll surprise us and yourselves by smashing that target!


When do we need to book by?

Places are limited and we expect them to fill quickly so please book as early as possible and no later than 17 March 2017.


Can we visit other parts of Cambodia?

Yes! You may want to take this opportunity to visit the world-renowned ancient temple of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, or head to Kep for some beach time, before or after Generation Next : Generation Now. As long as you arrive in Phnom Penh by 1 April and stay for the full three-day program from 2-4 April, the rest is up to you!


What kind of accommodation will we stay in?

Hagar will book twin rooms in a modest, resort-style hotel. We ask that all participants stay in the same accommodation but please do contact us if you would like a different room configuration.



To book or find out more about Generation Next : Generation Now, please contact:

Caroline Lee


Phone: 03 9257 2367 or 0434 912 858


Hagar does whatever it takes for as long as it takes to transform the lives of women and children who have experienced human trafficking, slavery and abuse.

We work in the countries of Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan, and have transformed the lives of more than 16,000 survivors.

We do this by providing them with:

  • A safe place to live
  • Specialist trauma counselling
  • Medical and dental care
  • Legal support so those who have abused them can be brought to justice.
  • The opportunity to catch up on school.
  • The chance to learn vocational skills or go to university.
  • Placement in a good job.
  • Support to reintegrate into the community.

We also advocate to combat trafficking, slavery and abuse, and ensure those who have survived these human rights abuses are well-supported.