Org Chart


Hagar is an agency focused on the recovery of survivors of severe human rights abuse, including trafficking, sexual exploitation and domestic violence.

Hagar International Foundation is governed by a board of independent directors from across the globe. It is responsible for establishing the mission, values and strategic direction of the organisation.

Hagar International (HI) is responsible for management of overall operations of Hagar including overarching responsibility for finance, strategy and program delivery, with support and advice from Support Offices and Program Offices.  It is led by Hagar International CEO (HI CEO) who reports to the Hagar International Foundation Board.

Hagar Program Offices (POs) are the the program delivery arms of HI in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Myanmar.  Each program has a Country Director who reports to the HI CEO.

Hagar Support Offices (SOs) are incorporated bodies which operate in accordance with the regulatory requirements in their respective jurisdictions. The SO’s roles vary country to country and include engagement in advocacy and lobbying, raising funds for programs, organisational strategy and involvement in the project cycle in collaboration with PO partners. Each SO has a CEO or Executive Director who reports to their local board. SOs operate under partnership agreements with HI.

Hagar Group Executive (GE) is a collaborative and interdependent group that shares information, decision making, and responsibility for leadership actions across Hagar and is made up of the Country Directors of the POs, CEOs/key executive staff of the SOs, and the HI CEO. It reports into the HI Foundation board via the HI CEO.

Hagar Social Enterprise Group (HSEG) is the social enterprise vehicle for Hagar which invests in and manages employment generating enterprises. HSEG is governed by a board appointed by Hagar International Foundation.

*Hagar Myanmar is in the process of being established. Negotiations are underway with the Government of Myanmar to establish a program office.